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Our plan is to create multiple short documentaries showcasing the stories of individuals. These documentaries will first be submitted to festivals before being released online. Clips from the projects as well as behind the scenes will be released periodically throughout filming.

The first film of our series titled "Stay Gold Man Up" is currently screening at festivals.

We want to hear your story. This documentary is about shedding light on the individuals who identify outside society's standard gender definitions. We want to show how vast this spectrum is and we need your help to make it diverse as possible. Please get in contact with us to let us know how you can contribute to this film.


This project is about having a conversation about gender in society. We want to tell the world we are here and proud of who we are. We need you to continue this conversation about the beauty beyond just Male and Female. Share this with people in your life.

Find your inner power by awakening others

Gender is a pretty well defined box that extends far beyond the physical body.  
But why?
Why in a world full of colour are our definitions of gender black and white? Blue and Pink?
Boy and Girl?
What happens to those born somewhere in between?    
Those who never felt they were the gender they were assigned at birth?

 More and more people are coming out with their own definition of self.  

He’s and She’s are reduced to ‘They’s’ or whatever they feel fits.

Gender is fluid, malleable and entirely self defined.  
But the journey out of the gender closet isn’t easy.  
Without a supportive community that challenges the normal definition of gender it can be nearly impossible. 
Without a glimpse of the rainbow you may only see black and white.

Join the Spectrum -  people here to shed light on the rainbow of gender.

Our plan